Croc Hinge Awning Bracket


Key Features

  • Choose between a flat stowed position on the roof or a side mount
  • Easily switch from one position to another
  • Designed to suit most popular flat roof rack brands
  • Quality – durable stainless steel for longevity, strength and rust prevention
  • Rated Load Bearing Capacity of 35kg per Set of Brackets
  • Versatility – the uses are only limited by your imagination
  • Patented Design.
  • Australian owned and operated | Veteran owned


It’s the innovative 4×4 mount that gives you the versatility to switch up how you store your 4×4 accessories. The unique patented design allows the movement of accessories fitted to the bracket between two alternate positions; a stowed position, flat on the roof rack or a deployed position where the accessory is located on the side of the roof rack. One simple pivot lets you conveniently transition from one to the other.


Reclaim Your Valuable Roof Space

Just imagine you’re heading off on a big trip and you’ve got the swag, chairs, firewood and all the other essentials on your roof. With the CROC HINGE® 4×4 Bracket there’s no need to also find the space required for a set of recovery boards as you can simply mount them on the side. Save on valuable roof space and enjoy the versatility of the CROC HINGE® mount.

Reduce Your Overall Height If Required

Need to pop into the shops on your way home after a day on the tracks? It’s an all too familiar feeling when you pull into the local shopping centre and then groan as you spot the maximum height sign… No worries, with the CROC HINGE® 4×4 Bracket you can reduce your overall profile by simply pivoting your recovery boards (or even your awning) onto the roof rack. Don’t get stuck with a fixed mount, get a CROC HINGE® 4×4 Bracket for versatility.

 Easy Access When Needed

Whether you have your recovery boards stowed flat on the roof rack or you have them deployed in an upright position on the side, the CROC HINGE® 4×4 Bracket ensures that if you get stuck on the beach or the tracks, you can access them very easily. You don’t want to waste valuable time climbing onto the roof rack to untie recovery boards that are strapped down if the tide is fast approaching. Instead the CROC HINGE® 4×4 Bracket lets you simply pivot and undo the pin to access your recovery boards quickly and easily.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 7 cm